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Working Together To Deliver Success

Working Together To Deliver Success

The client, a major telecommunications organization in Budapest, Hungary, required 75 Service Desk experts with multi-language skills - German, Spanish and French to join their team. The skills required were a mix of language skills and technical expertise. The range of talent they were trying to attract was broad in scope, whilst requiring specialized trilingual language expertise with salary constraints. This leading telecommunications organization was finding it difficult to secure the right talent with the right expertise.


After approximately six weeks of being unsuccessful in securing an appropriate candidate via their own recruitment team, Hirexa was introduced to the client. Hirexa was preferred because of our previous performance and experience in delivering ‘hard to find talent' as well as our in-depth understanding of the business requirements.


After a detailed discussion brief, Hirexa engaged a multiple channel sourcing approach – A Talent Acquisition Lead sat and operated in the customer premises for processing the CVs, while an organization with their in-house team would generate on daily, a committed number of profiles to speed up the fulfillment. Firing on all cylinders - indulging a local freelancer recruiter, an attractive public referral program to get 100% qualified CVs, reaching out to specific student community to tap right candidates, dedicating a Social Media campaign with paid advertisement and sourcing profiles from low-cost country/cross border resources are measures taken to reduce the scarcity of pool availability in the local market.

Our successful candidates ultimately were found with the above said strategy. The candidate had the exact set of language expertise, salary expectations and behavioral traits required to be successful in the role.

The Hirexa Talent Acquisition Lead worked very closely with the candidates to ensure smooth onboarding, induction and migration process while making sure their transition to a new country and business environment was done effectively.

These candidates have since proven to be the best additions to their team and the client was delighted with our candidate’s performance. The Hirexan team worked very closely with the candidates and the client alike to secure their position in just 3 months.

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