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Best Practices To Improve Employee Engagement And Well-being

Best Practices To Improve Employee Engagement And Well-being

  • Category: Blogs
  • Date 26-01-2022

It's been a hard start to 2022 and a hard past year for everyone, especially employees who juggle between work from home (WFH) and office returns. The moment we realize our workplace rules have been completely altered by COVID, isn’t it time to update our policies to improve employee engagement? Here are three simple ways you can do it.

1. Rewards and Recognition

Hybrid work environments have increased the need to validate employees’ achievements and efforts in the workspace. To keep employees motivated and encouraged, every quarter companies should put together a short ceremony that rewards and recognizes their skills and talent. Appreciation emails following up on the event are also a nice touch to elevate their performance and teamwork.

2. Team Building Programs

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

This quote by John Lennon inspires this recommendation. Employees being on the same page can work wonders and build a culture with core values guiding business decisions and shaping the company’s future. If gathering together outside is a hassle, zoom meetings on a monthly basis to catch up with each other, conduct games and present ideas is a great alternative to offline activities. Yet, it is highly crucial to meet each other face to face at least once a year to strengthen comradeship.

3. Upskill Opportunities and Monthly Surveys

Providing upskill opportunities for recruiters is another way to engage with employees and guide their growth. It is important to not just show undivided attention to your employee’s technical abilities but taking an interest in their mental wellness can help you stand apart from the rest. Here’s when biweekly/monthly surveys and weekly HR catch-ups come into play. To begin mental awareness-related surveys, multiple platforms curate pre-designed templates to choose from. From there, feel comfortable swapping content according to your organizational needs. 

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.

We are confident that these steps are basic and an easy place to start. Our business, Hirexa too, strives its best to engage with our employees’ welfare. Out of the three, our Rewards and Recognition program conducted every Quarter has improved morale and uplifted spirits to perform efficiently and consistently. We are proud of their accomplishments and we deem it fit to protect our recruiters’ best interests.

So, tell us how your organization has helped you stay focused at your job …


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