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We develop IoT POC right from board design, component selection to modification/ enhancement of existing solutions, with WiFi, Zigbee, BLE etc. interface in the area of industrial and home automation, automotive industry etc. Also, we provide solutions for secured content management and delivery.


Internet of things is all about networking of physical object with sensors collecting information and connected to the internet. The data received from these device shall be analyzed to get information, which can be used to optimize product, services and operations. The application of the same is wide spread with intense focus on Energy optimization, Smart Home, Automotive and Medical domain. According to McKinsey Global Institute research—billions of dollars could be saved in the care of congestive heart failure alone in the health care domain. Similar saving can be achieved in energy optimization, production and proactive maintenance.

The market for IoT is increasing, according to market research the current size of the market is around 4 billion and expected to increase by 4 time in the next 6 years. This opportunity has huge business potential for the companies working on semiconductor, storage and analytics domain. We in Hirexa has strong skill in addressing these requirement with our experience in chipset designing, embedded software development and full stack development experience.

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In IoT, Hirexa provides service in architecting the solution. The solutions include development from scratch using off-the -shelf chipset or customize existing solution to reduce the cost or increase the features.

Each IoT solution focuses on having optimized & robust HW, HW/SW security, secure communication (wired/wireless). The solution also focus on saleable backend cloud solution to store and process large amount of data along. Following are the service provided in IoT

  • Architecting the solution for industrial automation, home automation, freight management, hospital management etc.
  • PCB design for Custom made board with the perspective of reducing cost and adding special features.
  • Optimizing the hardware, firmware and software to reduce power consumption
  • Board bring up with low level driver development, porting customized operating system or scheduler and enabling interface for WiFi, Zigbee and BLE
  • Porting of web service, enabling TCP/IP to connect to cloud
  • Cloud backend development with secure connection
  • Analysis of the stored date / data analytics
  • Web UI development, mobile application development for controlling the system and for viewing meaningful information to take corrective actions.
  • Testing the solution for robustness, safety and security


Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) technology synergies solution for transforming organization digitally with the focus of reducing cost, seamless working across geography and increase the operational efficiency of any business with quick/life feedback. The evolution of social media has come with the concept of connecting known people. Followed with this came the sophisticated platform to know one’s friends circle and get connected with unknown people. These platform provided channel for brand to communicate with their audience. We are now in the process of seeing technology changes where the social media based customer relationship management software can approach to the intended customer. These software can also predict the trends with the help of date generated in the social media and can do targeted advertising.

Similarly, in the past decade mobile usage has increased leaps and bounds. This leads the customer centric firms to introduce BYOD (bring your own device) to improve the efficiency. This is getting upgraded to enterprise mobility and will reach a place where the device are just used to view, update and compute on content whereas the content is stored in the cloud which can be accessed in secure way.

Yet another advancement has happened in the analytics where this term is not new, but with the help of big data we have possibility to analyze huge verity and volume of data flowing from the social media. This helped in creating model to predict the future outcome based on the data pattern. In the current trend analytics are reach new heights where a customer is served with what he wants even before he makes a decision.All the above requires huge and scalable processing power which is provided by cloud computing.

The advancement in social, mobility, analytics and cloud computing has resulted in SMAC stack which enhance the operation of a business and also preparing the company for future challenges. Adaptation of this technology is increasing leading to new opportunity. We in Hirexa understand the opportunity that will be resulting out of this technology and have digital practice group to address this requirement.

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Following are the service provided by Hirexa in line with the SMAC in different areas:

  • Mobile application development on native and cross platforms
  • Testing of application and connected device.
  • End to end Solution for Mobility with data Security
  • Enabling Software as service (Saas) Platform as service(PaaS) and In fracture as service (IaaS)
  • Enabling Mobile device management
  • Analytics on operation
  • Analytics on Marketing and customer behavior
  • Fraud and Risk analysis.
  • Enterprise performance analysis.
  • Digital marketing

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